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Exciting New Conrad Johnson ART27A Power Amplifier In Stock. Please inquire about this radically new design from CJ!

We have been in business almost Two Years and have 70+ customers. Our product knowledge and Customer Care are paying off!

Buying high End Audio can be confusing at times. With many superb brands out there how do you make your decision?  Our role is to help you make that decision with our experience and integrity.   

Our belief is that the manufactures you look at should be companies with longevity, stability, reliability, and their ability to deliver the finest listening experience. This is precisely why we chose Conrad Johnson.   

Their excellence has been known since their inception. Throughout the years Conrad Johnson have been innovators in design, innovators in high quality production standards, innovators in excellent customer service, and the finest sounding audio equipment on the market.  

Countless Magazine reviews continue to rate Conrad Johnson among the best available. Whether it was the Original Conrad Johnson Preamp at $595 or up to the new $24000 Conrad Johnson GAT Preamplifiers. At all price points in that range Conrad Johnson has distinguished itself time and time again.  This is value!

We are experts with Conrad Johnson and the ability to work with other products, speakers, and source materials 

We are becoming a Kimber Kable dealer. Ray Kimber and his team are innovators and his 8TC wire has been a standard for years. Now they have released the 12TC and I will be using that in my personal system.

I am also working on a good digital source and turntable line as well as a State of the Art Speaker line. Stay tuned!

Send us an email, give us a chance to help you fulfill your audio dreams!

Where Can You Buy From High Note Audio?

Our products can currently be bought on this site. See our Store published here. If you want to buy the product you can use PayPal from here or you can use your Credit Card and Bank Account and the system will send me an alert and I will then send you a Quick Books Invoice. You can then pay via their Secure Merchant Services with a Credit Card or use their ACH Transfer Service.

I only ship within the United States to the verified address. I do not do overseasshipment - you need to contact CJ for a list of their International Sales Channels. I do not take TRADES or do COD's. 

Why High Note Audio?

Why High Note Audio? Our reputation is rock solid and Customer SAT is High

The best example is that driving a Chevy or a Lexus will both get you to point B. Which one do you want to drive?  

I have chosen Conrad Johnson as my only Electronics Product line. I have known Conrad Johnson since its inception in 1977 and have owned more than 50 of their various products over the years.  Their equipment is built to battleship quality and utilizes the finest component parts available.  The result is the ultimate listening experience where there is that constant pursuit of Audio Excellence. The fun part for you is the journey getting there.  

I bring 40 years of Conrad Johnson experience to you. I can help you make the most informed decision.  

Please contact us at whnay1@gmail.com with any questions.


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Product Review

GAT S2 Short Review

The Conrad Johnson GAT S2 Preamplifier is without peer. I am running out of energy trying to describe this magnificent Audio Acheivement.  It is a beautiful Preamp and it is the heaviest Preamp I have ever lifted.   Here is what I think of its sound (which is all that matters anyways):  Resolution:  By any measure all Preamps I have heard have some level of grain and background grain. The GAT S2 splits the grain up like an atom Smasher. Even my beloved ET7 has a grain compared to the GAT S2.  Removing grain is difficult but it is achieved with the Highest Quality component parts such as CJD Teflon Capacitors, Vischay Film Resistors, a brilliantly designed Volume control, and a very low source impedance power supply buffered with Teflon caps. The GAT S2 Power Supply is Teflon and that is expensive but the results are immediate.  Most people are fooled into believing a brand of tubes makes all of the difference and while there is some difference you must remember the Audio Signal has to travel thru all of the caps and resistors.  Tonal Balance and Depth:  Too many preamps are either too laid back or so up front you can shave with it. The GAT S2 gets the right tonal balance with the proper special balance and soundstage that CJ owns.  Instrumental body is so well defined I feel I can tell the brand name of the instrument. On Birdland I felt it was a Yamaha tuba in the room on the song Birdland from the “For Duke” CD.   The space between instruments is even more clearly defined. What I previously wrote off as a bad recording the Gat has brought to life nuances not previously revealed. Not to say that a truly bad recording doesn’t sound bad and that flaws in recordings aren’t revealed I am saying you can hear the recording engineers discerning persona.  Bandwidth is abundant. Deep bass with air and detail, mid bass with punch and snap without overshoot. The mid bass is so well defined that you can almost tell what type of skin is used on the kick drum and how tightly it is set.  The highs are sweet but all of a sudden you hear the cymbals instead of a cow peeing on a flat rock. Violins have air and panache but authenticity.  Putting it together:  I conclude NO Preamp puts it together better than the GAT S2. NOTHING!  We know that music is all of the above, so it takes the best devices to “put it together.” That sums up the GAT. A seamless presentation of the music. It doesn’t make you want anything else.  Is it six times better than a $4000 preamp. Yes it is. Is it the best available - hell yes!